Koiora Holiday Programme 

The Koiora holiday programme funded by Ngai te Rangi iwi is tailored for Rangatahi Maori to broaden their knowledge of te Ao Maori and all it encounters. With this programme it is a great opportunity for Rangatahi Maori to reconnect with their whakapapa and learn practices that fuel the survival of the culture and the Reo. This programme is for rangatahi aged 11-16 years old, a crucial time to plant the seed of cultural identity. Lessons from this programme following these rangatahi into adulthood and sculpting them into a strong Maori leader for the next generation. Josh te Kani has the role of rangatahi coordinator for the runanga. With his powerful presence easily gaining the respect from rangatahi all over Tauranga Moana. Their kaupapa consists of: 

 Te Reo Me Ōna Tikanga / Kaitiakitanga, Mahinga Kai, Takahi Te Whenua, Kauria Te Moana, Tuakiritanga, Korero a iwi, Kakarikitanga, Mau Rakau, Rongoa, Mahinga Mataitai, Te Putake o Te Riri, Waitaia, Hi Ika, Taioranga and Mahi Toi. 

During the last Koiora Programme students were taught the history that Maori endured which is regularly not discussed in the current education system.

Josh te Kani programme facilitator stated that  "New Zealand land wars taught within our education system? Currently it's not quite there, so it is up to programmes like Koi Ora to be able to step in and fill that gap” and indeed it does, many participants from this programme have left shocked and with a new perspective to what happened to the tupuna and kaumatua. “The programme itself is a leadership programme and really the main kaupapa is to interweave our rangatahi back with the natural environment, in an effort to raise their health and statistics for that age group,"  Te Kani also acknowledged, he then went on to say "We figure that if our rangatahi know more about themselves, they know more about what our ancestors valued, they know more about how they carried out their work upon the land and sea. “

“They'll know more about how our tupuna did whatever they could to safeguard those treasures for future generations. It's giving them a standard to aim for and aspire to be."

Contact tekani@ngaiterangi.org.nz for more information on the Koiora Holiday Programme

by - Otira Kuka