GT: Bad Service and how to deal with it.

We have all had bad experiences with customer service at some point. But, when is it a good time to do something about it, and if so then what are the steps to take to give feedback and get some dispute resolution.

Here are ten tips to deal with bad customer service.

  1. What do you want to happen? Do you want an apology, a refund or someone fired? Know exactly what outcome you want before going in. If you know what you want, it makes it so much easier to communicate it effectively. Better yet, write down your complaint exactly. Be specific.

  2. Stay calm and be reasonable. Is the restaurant busy? Does the person at the counter look new? Could it have been an honest mistake? Listen to their response and consider their points if you need to.

  3. Be Prepared Don’t go into any arbitration or conflict unprepared. Note down your personal memory of the incident so you can look back if your memory gets foggy. Note your feelings, names, dates etc.

  4. Find out what your legal rights are Know your Facts (google is your friend) gather any evidence to your claims i.e receipts, witnesses, advertisement etc

  5. Discuss the Problem Make sure you talk to the right person, the last thing you want is to wail on a poor unsuspecting waitress, when the problem was with the chef or manager. Talking to the right person will also help to resolve the dispute faster.

  6. Make a Complaint If none of the above resolutions have worked, you may wish to make a formal complaint. Find out what the process is for a complaint (Look on their website) Most of the time, you can contact the organisation directly on their website or facebook page

  7. Write a letter. The letter should include all of the relevant details, dates, times, evidence and intended resolution. It would pay to also include a date in which you would like the complaint resolved by (be reasonable) Attach copies of receipts or any supporting documentation. Keep a copy for your records!

  8. Take it Further Depending on the type of complaint, your next steps in conflict resolution may vary. There is negotiation, mediation, tribunals, court action.

  9. Self-Care Dealing with a conflict can be exhausting, frustrating and disheartening if no resolution presents itself. Remember to take care of YOU. Talk to a friend if needed, or a counsellor if it is overwhelming. If you feel like this is too huge to deal with alone, get support.

  10. Social Media After every other avenue has been exhausted and you received no satisfaction from the company or organisation in question. Then social media can be a powerful tool to get complacent companies to comply. Remember, stick to the facts, come with your receipts and stay calm. Leaving a one-star review on their facebook page is a good way to get them to see your complaint.

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