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War of the Wheels Roller Derby Tournament - Moana Roller Derby

Come join us for our annual War of the Wheels tournament in the first weekend of August! We are thrilled to announce the following teams for the tournament: OTAUTAHI ROLLER DERBY LEAGUETimaru Roller DerbyTaranaki Roller CorpsDead End Derby Christchurch RollergirlsLiving Dead Rollers, Whenua Fatales Roller Derby League and of course, our very own Moana Roller Derby Paua Rangers! It will be an epic weekend of action packed roller derby!

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What To Do if Someone I Know Is Sexually Assaulted.

If someone you know is victimized, his or her reactions can vary. He or she might be angry, sad, or afraid. He or she might respond in ways that seem unusual to you – for example, your friend might laugh at seemingly inappropriate times or appear to have no reaction at all. In most cases of sexual assault, the victim is hurt by someone he or she knows or trusts and processing complicated emotions following an assault and deciding what he or she wants to do moving forward can take time.

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TODAY: Thursday, 21 June 2018 marks the 154th anniversary of the Battle of Te Ranga in Tauranga.

Te Ranga was the sequel to the battle of Gate Pā (see 29 April). Following their humiliating defeat, some of the British force at Tauranga returned to Auckland. Meanwhile, their Ngāi Te Rangi opponents were reinforced by warriors from Ngāti Rangiwewehi, Ngāti Pikiao and Ngāti Porou. They began building a pā at Te Ranga, 5 km inland from Gate Pā.

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