He Mihi o te Tau Hōu!!

Kia ora whānau. Happy new year and welcome to the one-nine! The team at Moana Radio are so stoked to be back to deliver you the shows, music, news and every other thing to you! It feels too long since we’ve been on-air and we have one more week to go :(

All the team are due back on-air on January 21st 2019. We hope to bring you something new this year, as well as all the shows you know and love with the same hosts, but with slightly different time-slots!

Takiri is still on Moana Mornings 6am-10am, The Whakapapa Effect with Hana has an extra hour 10am-12pm, Urupounamu is taking the 12pm-1pm slot to discuss different topics daily. Mana Moana Repeat 1pm-2pm and Rehia Repeat 2pm-3pm with Josh Te Kani, The A & O show with Aubz and Onie on at a slightly later time-slot 3pm-7pm, Mana Moana 7pm-8pm, Rehia 8pm-9pm. Maori music mix all the way to midnight when Tai Pari Tai Timu plays until 6am with Matua Wiremu.

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