Walk the streets of Hauraki! E ARA E HIKA E!

The three iwi of Tauranga Moana and Government Officials continue to be declined by some of the iwi in Pare Hauraki and the Hauraki Collective regarding their claims within the tribal territories of Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui me Ngāti Pūkenga.

TAURANGA MOANA and ALL of our allies we ask you to RISE UP and JOIN US as we walk the streets of Hauraki! E ARA E HIKA E!

We will not stop until TIKANGA prevails!

Friday 15th June 2018.

10am - 12pm

“I am only striving to regain the authority which I inherited from my ancestors”
(Ngāi Te Rangi Chief Taiaho Ngatai, 1885)

Some iwi within Pare Hauraki and the Hauraki Collective continue to decline to meet with Tauranga Moana Mana Whenua regarding their claims within Tauranga Moana. We want to send a message to Pare Hauraki that we will not rest until Tikanga prevails.

- This event is specifically for whānau 16yrs + ONLY
- It is expected to have a few clouds with rain expected near the mid afternoon. Please dress appropriately and comfortably
- Full regalia (traditional and Mana Moana gears) is the dress code
- Those jumping on the buses MUST RSVP before hand and a koha of up to $15 is asked of everyone on the buses.