GT:Worst (minor) traffic offenses on the road

The different people you will meet on the road in Tauranga

The “hold-up the left-turning traffic because I’m in the wrong lane” guy.

The “Changing lanes without indicating” guy

The “Sunday driver even though it isn’t Sunday” guy

The “use the bus-lane because I’m more important than you” guy

The “I am going to hold-up the traffic so I can be nice and let EVERY SINGLE PERSON in” guy

The “disability parking monitor” guy*

The “tail-gating because I want to go faster/You cut me off” guy

The “Learner driver” guy (Leave them alone, they’re learning)

The “eager-beager-weaver through the traffic” guy

The “wanna-be fast and furious” guy

*guy is non-gendered, non-specific term (in this case)