12 Hours of Fitness

Maorivation on Moana Radio 12 HOURS OF FITNESS – THANK YOU

Moana Radio would like to thank the following people for their contribution to Moana Radio’s 12 Hours of Fitness.

Pre Event

Diabetes Help Tauranga – For providing Zoaties energy balls for the event. Also for sourcing some prizes through Paperplus Papamoa (Recipe Books/Healthy Eating).

Danelle Stevens Registered Nutritionist from  Nutrition Plus Bay of Plentyfor customizing a special eating and fluid intake plan for our participants. https://www.nutritionplusbop.co.nz

CAYAD, Te Runanga o Ngai Te Rangi Iwi Trust for the use of their 12 seater van to enable us to transfer our sweaty participants from place to place.

Cravass Clothing – Big mihi to Merle and Dion for our awesome 12 Hours Singlets and also the Cravass Active Wear Tights that survived the entire 12 Hours of exercise. The tights are currently on special for just $55 www.cravass.co.nz

Event Contributers 

Patu Fitness TPT for opening our first workout of the event. Also a thank you to Te Matai Kura for opening up your school for us to use. Patu also provided the boxing gloves and pads for our boxing conditioning workout later on that day.

Debbie Cunliffe from Diabetes Help Tauranga for coming to Papamoa Hills/Te Rae o Papamoa to take participants blood tests pre and post the climb.

Ben Gemmel from Progressive Training for guiding us throughout the event. Your constant enthusiasm and motivation played a big part in keeping our spirits alive.

Hoe Aroha Waka Ama Club for the use of their waka. Thank you so much, the water activities were extremely popular and of course gathering pipi.

Te Wananga O Aotearoa Tauranga Moana Awhina Dickson and Whare Randall for coming along and showing us the ways of the waka. Awhina and Whare are also recruiting students for their waka ama course starting March 2018 for more information visit www.twoa.ac.nz

Eastcoast Stand Up Paddle for helping us run the Underwater Rock Running event and letting us use your Stand Up Paddle Boards. This was way harder than it looked.

POUND Fitness with Amy Finlayson for taking us through a rocking workout at Coronation Park. Pound Fitness with Amy Finlayson is exclusive to Tauranga and we were lucky to be the first class ever in Mount Maunganui. Amy has trial classes for just $5 so look up ‘Pound Fitness with Amy Finlayson’ on Facebook for more details.

Nicki Broughton and Kiwi McLeod our awesome cooks who took time out of their day to come along and cook our BBQ and help us with the underwater rock running event.

Tiana Bennett from the WBOP DHB for joining us whenever she could, despite her rheumatic arthritis, she was there to tautoko us throughout the day. And her moko Naia, who also joined us and brought us ice blocks after our hikoi up Mauao.

We also have to thank the awesome helpers who jumped on board to make sure everything ran smoothly, not just outdoors with the workouts, but also on the airwaves and online as well. I’d like to pat a special mention to the following people:

Leonie Cairns – Photographer and Social Media Director

Takiri Jade McLeod – Production Assistant and Snapchat Manager

Manawa Wright – Guest Announcer and Te Reo Māori Consultant

Tayla Blanchard – My wonderful amazing assistant who did everything from making the prize packs to cleaning the vans and doing the check lists at all the events and making sure everyone was registered and accounted for throughout the day.

Pat Spellman – Production Assistant 

Hauturu Palmer – Production Manager

Aubz Hughes – For letting us take over his show for 3 hours and allowing 20 sweaty tired people into his studio post event.

Summer Loo for completing the entire event..!!!

Josh Te Kani for joining us at the hardest event (Burpee Mile) and then sticking with us til the end.

We also had a lot of ‘firsts’ happen throughout the day. Portia Roberts has a fear of the ocean and has never put more than a big toe in the water before. She completed not only the waka ama but also the underwater rock running. Some people had never paddled before or stood up on a Stand Up Paddle Board before. Jaime Allen had never paddled to collect pipi until Friday and everyone took part in their first Pound Fitness Class with Amy Finlayson. We also had some first timers eating pipi..!! (no one got sick from eating them lol)